It would so happen that the year Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday, it gets canceled by a virus with the name Corona (lol). For me, it is also the first time that I have not worked a Cinco at Swell in five years so things have definitely felt a little different. I love me some tequila and what better time to share some recipes than now…


May 5, 2020

Quarantino de Mayo

Lately, I have been feeling the urge to have a glass of wine a little earlier and earlier each day (which does alcohol etiquette still apply during quarantine?) My days have been consisting of waking up, checking Instagram and Facebook, checking my emails, reaching out to clients, web designing, maybe working out and then binge-watching anything that seems interesting on TV while indulging in a casual whole bottle of wine…


April 18, 2020

Wine O’Clock

Is it just me, or does this quarantine make you feel like it is happy hour all day every day? Tonight, my boyfriend’s mom, whipped up some delicious fish tacos with a fresh mango salsa so I thought it was fitting to through a little margarita into the mix. I love the freshness of a Paloma (tequila + lime + grapefruit) and love the frothiness of a shaken margarita, so I mixed the two up to bring you a Grapefruit Margarita (with a touch a mint.)


April 5, 2020

HOW TO: Grapefruit Margaritas

We are now 19 days into this whole ‘social distancing’ thing and I am definitely going a little stir crazy. One of my favorite past times is eating out (which we are forbidden to do right now) so I am reminiscing on some of my favorite restaurants. Here is a list of places I cannot wait to get back to once this sh*t is over!


March 29, 2020

In the Future…